March 26, 2018

Night Dancing

This weekend I participated in my first InterPlay event – something called an “Untensive,” three days of moving and standing still, on my own, with a partner, and with a crowd. This experience, which sounds mundane as I write these words, was anything but. Something broke wide open in me as I moved through my stories and others’, through forms danced and witnessed with inspiration and spontaneity – with tears and shouts and sighs – that connected Spirit with Body with Mind.

But the biggest surprise has come to me in my sleep. I’ve been waking in the middle of the night with ecstatic dreams. This morning I woke about 4 am with a dream so vivid I wish I could dance it here rather than describe it.

I was standing up in a Quaker Meeting for Worship, where we usually sit quietly, and occasionally share words. I was boldly lifting my arms, looking to the heavens, exclaiming about the bits of cosmos that were showering down on us, the charged particles of light that fell upon and into us, electrifying the cells of our bodies, causing our very bones to burn bright. 

I turned into the center of the worship circle and sank, a folded leaf onto the cork floor, laid my forehead and palms on the coolness, felt the pulsing energy of the fiery earth core deep beneath and within. Sang to Mother Earth my thanksgiving for magnetizing us to herself, keeping us close, saving us from being flung into empty space. The curling tendrils of green energy rising incessantly through the crust of ancient and recent history. The wet films of microbes blooming in the dirt, digesting our garbage to make rich, black soil for green life. Colonizing our intestines and our lungs, our eyes and our mouths, to create these walking, talking hybrids of human and microbial cells – us, the species we call human beings.

I danced the passion, the zest, the big J JOY of Life – falling, rising, showering, tendriling, filling, flowing, loving, holding, leaving, making – this awesome miracle that dances around and inside us 24/7!

We are aware of this moving, ecstatic, miracle of Light and Life – when? When our babies are born, when we make love with ourselves or with others, when we stand firm against injustice, when our pets curl up on our laps, when a storm rips through our towns, when a loved one is felled by violence or mishap. At those times, it is possible to feel Aliveness and the preciousness of being Alive. Maybe at those times we can even dance in and on behalf of Life.

But most of the time, nearly all of the time, for the limitless tiny moments that lie between the Big Moments, for nearly all of our lives…..

don’t we sleep through the whole thing?