April 29, 2011

Spirit Nudged Me Awake Again at 2 am

So Spirit came swooping through in the night again. I need to get up early to catch a plane to Philadelphia. Really, oh Holy One, what are you thinking?!

I am learning that when I am nudged awake at this terrible hour,  Spirit has a thing or two for me to see or hear. So I start cruising the spiritual blogs I know about. And the one that grabs me the hardest tonight is the first one I go to: Peggy Senger Parson’s blog, A Silly Poor Gospel.

I love Peggy’s blog. I've said so before. Recently. She is bright and talented and Quaker. She’s obviously dived deep into the shadow of her own soul because she gets it about needing and making use of the mystery that is Jesus. She’s a Quaker, too, though not from my branch of Friends. I wish we could claim her.

I wonder what she would think of the shamanic/christian/universalist flavor of my particular expression of Quakerism? I worry about things like that in the middle of the night. Would Peggy, this person I really admire, think I’m a nut, were she to read my blog? Especially that one about listening to the voice of the diamonds. Hoo boy.

I went to Quaker Quaker, too, in my search for spiritual inspiration. I checked all of their groups for one that I could connect with. At least tonight, the liberal blogs seemed to be focused on things having to do with the Light, the Conservative blogs were focused on tradition (as in how important is it?) I found one on the Evangelical site by Johan Mauer about prayer. He inspired me. He prays daily for a list of people whom he divides up in his head into little “villages.” And he is faithful to the prayer discipline, making it very, very specific. That is awesome faithfulness. I left a comment about Meeting for Healing. I wonder if he has ever experienced it?

But it is Peggy’s blog that really sticks with me. She wrote about Mary Magdelene, the Apostola Apostolorum, the Apostle to the Apostles. And about Jesus as Fire Dancer. (Hmmm. Maybe she’d be okay with the talking diamonds….) If you are ever up in the middle of the night, or you ever have need to be released of your demons, check her out at http://www.sillypoorgospel.blogspot.com/.

Blessings and good night.


Peggy Senger Morrison said...

Dear Merry,

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your kind words. I do not think you are a nut, and I read the diamond post.

Sifu Jesus said that you might as well let the crowds cheer, because if you don't, the rocks will do it for them. Who am I to argue about rock voices.

My wedding ring is white gold encrusted with BLACK diamonds.

warm regards,

Merry Stanford said...

What a GREAT connection, Peggy. I love that story about Jesus and the rocks crying out. Thanks for reminding me. I'm wanting to begin a study of Jesus in relationship with earth and her creatures, and that's a story that fits right in.

Black diamonds are said to be good for looking within without illusion. You are well matched.

Many blessings.